Monmouth English Symposium

Moving To ECampus

Posted by admin on September 8, 2008

We had a wonderful experience putting together the first two symposiums for the Monmouth University English program last year. Toni has already finished the program and William will be done in December, so it is time for both of us to move on and pass the torch to someone else.

Funny enough, another Toni will be taking over. Dr. Estes has asked us to let students know that future posting will be done via ECampus on Monmouth’s site. We will leave this site up as a document of last year’s events as we move forward towards the future.

The fall 2008 symposium, Literature Matters!, will take place on December 5th at an undecided location on campus.


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The Annex Interjects: The Official Schedule! (Revised 4-10-08)

Posted by admin on April 5, 2008

We are so proud to be able to announce the official schedule for The Annex Interjects. As we mentioned below, it will be taking place on April 11th in L206. Without further delay!


  • Opening remarks by Dr. Lisa Vetere
  • Introduction of keynote speaker by William Patrick Wend


  • Keynote by Dr. Kristin Bluemel “Inventing Intermodernism”


  • Rich Price “The Compelling Pain: An Examination of Mark Twain’s The Mysterious Stranger and Guiding Readers Through its Pitfalls”
  • Kelly Lorelli-Smith “Does Hamlet Hate Women?”

Noon to 1pm

  • Break for refreshments, etc


  • Dr. Liora Brosh “The Victorian Novel and Film”
  • Dr. Heide Estes “Ecocriticism & Beowulf”


  • Debra Pachucki “From ‘Charisma’ to ‘Cultism’: The Rhetorical Dangers of Messianic Language as Symbolic Action”
  • Jack Kelnhofer “Cyber-plagiarism in Higher Education”


  • Dr. David Tietge “the Conclusion to Rational Rhetoric”


  • William Patrick Wend & Toni Magyar “What Is A Text? A Political History Of Texts From Gutenberg To Electronic Literature & Beyond”
  • Sue Stever “The Liminal Landscape of the Misfit in Flannery O’Connor’s ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find'”


  • An open forum for graduate students to discuss their research and the MA thesis process hosted by Christopher Hankenson & Jana Phelps

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Posted by admin on April 3, 2008

It is official: The Annex Interjects will be taking place in L206, which is upstairs in the Guggenheim Library. Big thanks to Jane Calvo for helping to set this up.

The schedule for the symposium will be posted on this blog in the next day or so. We are making some final tweaks to a very eventful day!

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Date Change!

Posted by admin on March 31, 2008

Hopefully word of mouth has gotten around the annex sufficiently, but if not we would like to announce officially that the symposium has been moved from April 4th to the next Friday April 11th.

We will have a formal schedule of presenters and times for panels posted in the next few days.

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Posted by admin on March 27, 2008

This post will keep an updated list of attendees for the symposium. If you know you will be attending any part of the symposium please reply here and we will update the post with your name. Thanks!

  • Dr. Kristin Bluemel
  • Dr. Liora Brosh
  • Dr. Heide Estes
  • Chris Hankenson
  • Kelly Lorelli-Smith
  • Jack Kelnhofer
  • Toni Magyar
  • Debra Pachucki
  • Jana Phelps
  • Rich Price
  • Sue Stever
  • Dr. Sejal Sutaria
  • Dr. David Tietge
  • Dr. Lisa Vetere
  • William Wend

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Posted by admin on February 28, 2008

If you have made up your mind already or even just considering attending the spring symposium on April 4th could you comment in this post? We are trying to gauge how many people will be attending and your help is appreciated.

We have gotten some great feedback, questions, and ideas from students and faculty in person and via email. Keep it up!

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Monmouth Review

Posted by admin on February 28, 2008

The Annex Interjects would like to invite students involved with the Monmouth Review to read or display their creative works. Regardless of your departmental affiliation or creative medium, we would like to hear about and see your creative endeavors.

Our spring symposium will consist of panel presentations from undergraduate and graduate students as well as professors and is scheduled for April 4th. We are currently working to put our schedule of panels together for this all day event and will be creating a time slot for the Monmouth Review. If you are interested in joining your fellow students, reading your writing, displaying your work or giving a talk about it, please comment below.

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Informal, open forum at The Annex Interjects

Posted by admin on February 12, 2008

M.A. students Christopher Hankenson and Jana Phelps have suggested an informal panel for The Annex Interjects where students can informally offer ideas they are mulling over for discussion.

This panel seems like a great idea for incorporating the many students who are either still leery of presenting or simply have not yet committed to thesis or other paper/project ideas.

If you have some intellectual itch you want to scratch and want to talk about it, but aren’t ready to make a presentation, comment here! Let us know if you want to be scheduled for this informal panel and/or what you think about this idea.

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The Annex Interjects: Spring Conference Announcements

Posted by admin on February 5, 2008

We are pleased to report that the Monmouth English Department Spring Conference, hereafter referred to as The Annex Interjects, is tentatively scheduled for Friday, April 4th 11th(ahem…mark your calendars now) in Wilson Auditorium. When the schedule of panels is complete, we will be sure to let you know so you can plan when to attend, but the entirety of the conference will probably span from about 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

  • We are also extremely excited that Monmouth’s very own Dr. Kristin Bluemel has agreed to give the keynote address

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Posted by admin on February 2, 2008

Please let us know what literary journals, scholars, blogs and sites you would like to see added to our links by posting a comment here. Ideally, this page should represent the community we are currently trying to foster; thus, your contributions are welcome, encouraged and necessary. One of our greatest desires beyond community building is to highlight the diversity of interests our program is developing. We had a great response last semester so hopefully you will reply in the spring as well!

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